About Us

Andrews Group Pty Ltd was founded in January 1986 by Ray Andrews, the consultancy’s Managing Director.

Andrews Group assists large private sector organisations, Australian governments at all levels and the not-for-profit sector find their best ways forward.

This is with organisational strategy, performance improvements, policy reforms, communication plans, tactical issues and with executive coaching.

Andrews Group’s services are underpinned by rigorous research. This is typically qualitative, in-depth, market or social research, backed up by desk research.

We are perfectly positioned to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

We have also worked variously, extensively and continually with all three tiers of Australian government, especially the Commonwealth Government, in all states and territories.

Our approach

We are consultative and cooperative with our clients. We strive internally to always be open and honest in our communication. We work best with client who do the same.

Our projects

Projects undertaken for our clients have been, and are now, confined to what we do – our core business methodologies. However, this has been for just about the widest amalgam of different industry sectors, government departments and agencies, plus not-forprofit entities, imaginable. There is a high chance that we have helped one or more clients in your industry, or in your area of government, or in your operational speciality.

Our vast experience

Our vast experience is perhaps now our greatest strength. For nearly four decades, we have helped create and then transplant intellectual property from one industry sector to another. Innovation that can be trusted and used for success is at the core of our work.

Current & Former Clients

We’d like to hear from you

Please contact our Managing Director, Ray Andrews, should you wish to discuss any significant matter that needs addressing. We would welcome hearing from you. Confidentiality is first nature to us.